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What Is Lawsuit Or Litigation Funding?

What is lawsuit funding?
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Lawsuit or litigation funding is a non-recourse purchase agreement against a pending or settled lawsuit. You only need to repay the funding amount if you are successful in obtaining a cash award or settlement.

The funding amount allows you and your attorney the opportunity to focus on your case, maximize its value, and lessen the financial burdens caused by your injuries.


Personal injury claims can take up to 3 or more years before they are either settled or tried to judgment. Oftentimes, the injured party cannot wait that length of time and will succumb to mounting economic pressures. Pre-settlement funding companies help by securing funds for those with a personal injury claim or lawsuit before they are forced to prematurely resolve their case. If you are considering settling your personal injury claim or lawsuit due to overwhelming financial pressures, contact Lawsuit Funding Group to discuss your needs and review your options.

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